1. Be proactive and go after it. Make referrals part of your routine.
  2. Join a networking group like Trustegrity.
  3. Provide great service. Nothing spreads the news about your company than ecstatic customers.
  4. Give and you shall receive. Give your referrals partners, your clients before you expect referrals. When you are willing you give, they will return the favor.
  5. Change your thinking and realize that your business is about connections. The relationships you establish must be nourished.
  6. Ask for referrals. Don’t assume your clients, friends, connections know that you are actively seeking new clients.
  7. Inform your referral sources about the types of clients you are looking for. Who is your perfect client?
  8. Set a measurable number. A failing strategy includes unmeasurable goals. If you want to win set number goals you can measure.
  9. Follow up with your prospect and your referral source. Many referrals don’t turn into business immediately but you have to follow up and stay in touch.
  10. Be systematic about referrals. Know what you are doing and why. Write it down and have a system that is repeatable.
  11. Meet more people to grow your network. Referrals is a numbers game, the more people know, like and trust you the more referrals you will get.
  12. Set a target. How many referrals do you expect to get?
  13. Timing is everything. Ask for referrals at the appropriate times. For example, when you finish a project with a client.
  14. Find your most enthusiastic clients and ask them first for referrals.
  15. Reward your sources by sending a small gift, providing free service, paying them a referral finders fee, or take them out to lunch.
  16. Whenever a client compliments you ask for referrals.
  17. Take a moment during client meetings to ask for referrals.
  18. Step out of your comfort zone and meet people. There is no substitute for referrals.
  19. Use social media sites to ask for referrals.
  20. Collect business cards and follow up with an email about your business and what you have learned about the other person during your meeting.
  21. Contact former clients and keep them up to date about your business and ask about their business.
  22. Be appreciative even if the referral doesn’t turn into business for you.