By Gary C Laney

Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I referable"? If not, it's high time to consider why people would or would not refer you.

Some obvious characteristics that you need to be referable are;

1) Expertise. Education, professional certifications/designations and experience show proof of your expertise. Ask yourself how are you communicating your expertise? You can share and demonstrate expertise on business cards, brochures, on your website, via recorded videos, customer case studies, reviews and testimonials.

2) Responsive. Do you make your responses a priority to those who refer you and to the person being referred to?

3) Trustworthy. In the end, being referable means people can trust you with their human assets (friends, clients, associates, etc.).  Can others trust you?

4) Reciprocate. If you get a referral, you should reciprocate and give a referral.

5) Good Communicator. Do you communicate clearly and concisely regarding your commitments, expectations and timelines? Do you keep people updated about progress?

6) Professional. Do you do what you say you will do? Do you show up on time for your appointments?I invite you to join us an upcoming Trustegrity Round Table meeting. Come and meet the finest professionals in the country. Our members are expert professionals representing a wide range of industries, including law, banking, accounting, consulting, marketing, real estate, financial services, human resources, medical health services, business services, insurance, technology, events, hospitality, travel and more.  Our members serve clients from large multinationals and middle markets to small businesses and high net worth individuals.




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