By Rena McDonald.  Small business owners face the challenge of finding a balance between what they have to do, what they need to do, and what they should do. Often time, in deciding where to invest resources, obtaining legal advice and services from an attorney is put into the 'should do' category out of frustration. Business owners often think it will cost too much, they can do an adequate of a job themselves, or don't know which attorney they should retain, trust and utilize. Not having top-notch representation as part of your business plan can be a costly mistake.  Lawsuits are rampant. Regulatory compliance is endless. Liability issues can be avoided when prepared.

We recommend finding a business attorney as part of your core business plan. There are definite advantages to finding a good attorney before you think you need one. Firstly, establishing a relationship with your attorney before a legal crisis arises will mean you already have someone familiar with you, your business operations and challenges. Secondly, this can make your attorney more efficient when they are needed. Stress is reduced and the learning curve is shortened. Finally, some law groups, like McDonald Law Group, have a discounted rate for clients on a monthly retainer agreement. It can save you big in the long run.

What are some of the most common challenges that your business attorney can help you with?

•             Asset protection with establishing legal entities

•             Debt collection

•             Contract review

•             Document review

•             Contractor/Supplier disputes

•             Internet security breaches

•             Product liability issues

•             Employee theft

•             Tax audits

•             Employee confidentiality issues

•             Threats of consumer lawsuits

•             Regulatory compliance

McDonald Law Group endeavors to be an asset to the small business community of Southern Nevada by offering complimentary consultations, a business success plan that makes legal services more affordable and offering value through education, support and investment within the community. We hope this article offers you useful insight. We are always happy to answer additional questions at a consultation.

Byline: Rena McDonald, Attorney at Law, McDonald Law Group. 702-448-4962 or