by Debbie Harris

The hashtag returns to LinkedIn and that’s good news! How many times have you seen a status update on LinkedIn and wanted to go back to it later?  Try finding it, right?  Now the trusty helpful hashtag will enable you to search for Status Updates and Published Posts on LinkedIn.  The one caveat is that it is only available on the App right now. On the website, you will also notice that LinkedIn has also added a “Post” under the drop arrow arrow where you search at the top.

Now we can go back and find that article in LinkedIn that we really wanted to read.  I know that if you’re like me, you are often doing several things at once on your computer (not that I recommend that).  You see something on LinkedIn that you want to go back to but it was virtually impossible to find it.

LinkedIn had previously had hashtag capability but got rid of it.  Now it’s back. This is great because we know that hashtags come up when you search in Google.  You should already be using them in Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Remember to be smart about using hashtags. Don’t use a million of them in your post.  I usually recommend three and have them truly relate to what you are writing about.  If you are Sharing an article, use a hashtag that relates to the subject matter of the article you are sharing.  Also, the name of your company. I find it bizarre when someone writes one sentence and then has 30 hashtags.

As a quick reminder, the hashtag is a word or short phrase after the # sign.  No spaces. #hashtag #LinkedIn #SocialMedia are three examples. It doesn’t matter if you use upper case and lower case.  It is just sometimes easier to read when you use both. Don’t make long sentences as a hashtag unless you are using one that is already trending somewhere like on Twitter and/or Facebook.  You will see what’s trending when you login to those social media platforms.  It’s always fun to join the conversation and it’s a great way to find articles on a particular subject you might be interested in.

Have fun welcoming back the hashtag to your LinkedIn posts.  I am hoping the hashtag will also be back on the LinkedIn website very soon.


Debbie Harris, MA Performance Intermedia, LLC Executive Social Media Consulting & Web Design