By Gary Laney CEO at Trustegrity


Referrals should not be treated lightly. Use the following 5 step process below to guarantee more quality referrals.

Step 1: Show Appreciation. Always thank the referrer for the lead;

Step 2: Qualify the Referral. Ask questions about the referral. Find out how your source knows the referral and why they feel the referral would be interested in your offering;

Step 3: Warm Referral. Ask for an introduction. The introduction can be done on email, over the phone or better yet in person over lunch or dinner. This step will increase your probability of expediting the trust level and greatly improves your chances of doing business together.

Step 4: Close the Referral Loop! After the warm hand-off you should always circle back to your referral source and give them feedback. Thank them again for the referral and give updates.

Step 5: Reciprocate. Any good referral deserves returning the favor.