Starbucks for breakfast. Catered lunch's meetings. Take out for Dinner. Sounds too familiar?

By Deziree Slusher Women's Health Coach

When I was a child, I played sports and that kept me lean. But nutrition was hit or miss.

At my grandparents, we had home cooked meals three times a day. These were nutrient dense meals with chicken, rice, veggies, eggs, Spam or hash. Junk food was a treat that had to be earned.

But when I lived with my mom, life and work got in the way of nutrition. Everything was from a box—lots of starchy, frozen meals or fast, fried food. Frozen pizza and Pringles were a nutritious dinner. And Burger King was often our breakfast of choice.

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Your Content

By Janet Peischel

Like everything else these days, SEO has shifted. You put a lot of thought and effort into developing clever, insightful blogs, landing pages and social media posts. Here are 6 SEO Rules for 2017 to get the most out of your content investment.

1.Keywords: forget exact matches: think good intentions You no longer need an exact keyword to offer a relevant search result. Now search engines are seeing how people are interacting with your website. It’s about the post-click activity. Not only do you have to get the clicks, but you have to satisfy user intent.

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Are you referable?

By Gary C Laney

Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I referable"? If not, it's high time to consider why people would or would not refer you.

Some obvious characteristics that you need to be referable are;

1) Expertise. Education, professional certifications/designations and experience show proof of your expertise. Ask yourself how are you communicating your expertise? You can share and demonstrate expertise on business cards, brochures, on your website, via recorded videos, customer case studies, reviews and testimonials.

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Trustegrity To Launch Three New Groups!

Trustegrity, the leader in Professional Relationship Networking, continues to grow and has announced that three new groups are in the process of forming. New group launches are planned to take place in in the near future including the locations of San Ramon, California on December 6th, Mesa Arizona on December 13th and San Jose California on February 3rd. Meeting details and locations are provided below and on the Trustegrity website. All guests must register to attend.

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Introductions: 8 Points I Must Communicate To My Audience

By Pello Walker

I may call it an ‘elevator pitch’, ‘infomercial’, ‘self introduction’, ‘the power statement’ or ‘the corporate value proposition’.  Whatever I may refer to it as, the bottom line, it needs to grab their attention, hold their attention and provide a clear message as to my firms service or product offerings that has them want to interact with me towards an outcome that works for me and them in their, the audiences mind.

The 8 Points I Must Have:

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By James Y. Wu

Election day is Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Employers must comply with applicable laws regarding providing employees time off to vote or to serve as an election official. Here is a summary of those requirements in California:

TIME OFF FOR VOTING: (California Elections Code 14000-14003)

Q:  What do employers need to provide (what are employees entitled to) regarding time off to vote?

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Business Success Plan: Find the right attorney before you need an attorney

By Rena McDonald.  Small business owners face the challenge of finding a balance between what they have to do, what they need to do, and what they should do. Often time, in deciding where to invest resources, obtaining legal advice and services from an attorney is put into the 'should do' category out of frustration. Business owners often think it will cost too much, they can do an adequate of a job themselves, or don't know which attorney they should retain, trust and utilize. Not having top-notch representation as part of your business plan can be a costly mistake.  Lawsuits are rampant. Regulatory compliance is endless. Liability issues can be avoided when prepared.

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The Reports of Strategic Planning’s Death Is Greatly Exaggerated

By Kevin McGourty

When I read management articles about the death of strategic planning, I am reminded by the quote Mark Twain quipped after hearing a major American newspaper printed his obituary.

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

Yet there is some truth to the idea that strategic planning is dead. At least the traditional method of strategic planning many companies subscribe to.

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Boosting Posts On Facebook Is A Great Bank For Your Buck!

By Debbie Harris

Boosting posts on Facebook is a great bang for your buck.  No kidding.  Facebook post boosting can have a dramatic impact on brand recognition, Facebook page Likes and driving people to your website and/or landing page.  I am not talking about Facebook ads that show up on the right-hand side of our page when we are on Facebook.  I am talking about Boosting Facebook posts, not running Facebook ads. We don’t usually recommend Facebook ads but often recommend Facebook post boosting.  Why?

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Knowing Which Test to Use in Drug Testing

By Gary Patrone

ARCpoint Labs of Tempe

There are a variety of tests available, and choosing the right test can make the difference between answering questions and creating more of them for your client. One client, Sara (not her real name) contacted our office and explained how she was in the middle of a divorce and planned to curtail child visitation rights to her estranged husband in an upcoming court appearance. She knows that he uses methamphetamine and does not want her 12-year-old son exposed to drugs. She wanted to know which tests would be best suited for her to have included in the court order for her ex-husband.

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