Direct Mail Strategy 101½: Grab Prospects’ Attention First, Then Sell ‘Em Well designed direct mail pieces have the power to even communicate with teenagers

By Pello Walker

Direct Mail isn’t that much different from a face-to-face sales pitch. For both it’s all about grabbing prospects’ attention first and only then selling them on your product or service. Without their interest piqued, it’s like talking to your teenager. In reality, Direct Mail isn’t that much different than selling your teenage son or daughter on cleaning their rooms.

First you have to dominate their visual arena. You step in front of the TV, right? For those of you who don’t have teenagers, that arouses both their visual and emotional senses. Then you must overwhelm their auditory receptors. What do you do? Make them remove their ear buds.

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Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency with Outsourcing

By Joel S. Smith, CPA


Of all the painful lessons that business owners learned during the recession, the hardest one may have been that of laying off staff—many were longtime loyal employees who’d helped them build and grow their companies.

As the economy began to improve and it was time to rehire, many business owners were rethinking their staffing practices, turning to outsourcing as a way to meet personnel needs. Outsourcing doesn’t completely replace full-time employees (FTEs), but it’s become an efficient and cost-effective way to staff for temporary workers or for certain key roles.

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Working with CEOs and Business Owners to Stay Focused on Strategic Growth

By Preston  Sumner

A CEO operates in a world of continuous change with constant demand for decision making. Since most decisions involve a forecast of the future uncertainty is a given. Being able to make decisions quickly (decisiveness) is a critical CEO skill. As a CEO successfully grows the business their decisiveness improves and they gain confidence in their decision making skills. Therein lies a danger and the cause of unexpected business failures. 

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How can you take your performance to the next level?

By Gary Laney, CEO Trustegrity

What methods do you use to improve effectiveness in your work to improve results and performance?

Many people I've known would say that if you want to take your professional performance to the next level you should increase your level of activity. To me that means working more hours, making more calls and seeing more clients.

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Where Do the Best Referrals Come From?

by Maile Collmer

There comes a time when business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and commissioned sales people reach a point of exhaustion and exasperation with all the time they spend networking for business without getting the results they really desire.

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Embrace Uncertainty

by Preston Sumner

I am a big fan of Excel, having been blown away when I first saw the power of Visicalc on an Apple. Unfortunately the analytical power of Excel sometimes leads us to depend too much on the forecasts we develop with it. We live in a world full of uncertainty, both technology and nature create unexpected disruptions that can make the past very poor predictors of the future.

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5 Ways Gratitude Can Increase Your Business

by Dana Earhart-Litif

5 Ways Gratitude Can Increase Your Business

We’re coming out of one of the busiest time of year… between holiday shopping and tying up end-of-year business, all of our plates were overflowing.

I want to take this time however to remind you to stop and really give thanks.  Not just in the traditional sense, rather to really sit down and take a moment to think about all of those who have made 2015 what it was for you. And think about what from 2015 you want to bring with you into 2016 and what would be better left in 2015.

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Are you talking to yourself on social media?

By Debbie Harris

Are you talking to yourself on social media?  Social media is more than just posting. I so often work with clients who have gotten the hang of what to post on Facebook but they are not getting engagement on their posts. The same thing happens on Twitter. Tweets are being tweeted but they are not seeing anyone Favorite or Retweet what they are tweeting. 

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What does providing stellar customer service mean? Here are my seven tips!

By Gary Laney, CEO Trustegrity

Its a known fact that good customer service equates to an increase in customer referrals. So what kind of customer service does it require to get your customers and clients talking positively about you and your company?

Below are seven tips for creating stellar customer service.

Tip 1: Be responsive to customer needs and inquiries.

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Make It Your Personal Business by Pello Walker

Every year at Christmas and on my birthday I receive cards from my financial advisor, the auto dealer who sold me my current car and my insurance agent.  I see them far less than the vast majority of other merchants and salespeople I deal with (in fact, I can’t remember the last time I even talked to my insurance agent on the phone).

Yet, ask me to recommend a good financial person, car dealer or insurance agent, these people instantly come to mind.

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