Jenny Heafey Testimonial

I have been a "net-worker" for the past 10 years, and have been in a variety of groups, clubs, associations, Chambers etc.  Although I enjoy all my networking groups I do feel there is a difference in the Trustegrity group.

To name a few: first, it allows me to network in an environment that is more suited towards the growth of my business.  Many times we find ourselves in groups that can connect people yes, but never a consistent flow of contacts that are more aligned with your particular business. Trustegrity does this for my Corporate Wellness business! It also allows me to reciprocate the connections because of our commonalities!

 Second, the time, quality not quantity! Being a business owner, comes with all the responsibilities, of profits/ losses/ accounts/ payroll and employment/ marketing and the list goes on, however networking and building relationships often take a long time.  I have found that I spend more quality time with people in this group twice a month than I would If I saw them 4-6 times a month.  We meet twice a month, once as a group then the next as a very small group, we spend about a total of 4 hours each month, maybe a bit more but we do it in a much more time efficient manner for our businesses, that being said we all understand the importance and the substance that is discussed and what that all means when we sit down with each other.  We get the very most of our time and the quality of networking is much higher than others that I have experienced in the past. Frequency in meeting doesn't always mean quality time Is being invested.  I would recommend that everyone try out groups to see what is a fit for them, and I would recommend this group to anyone who can relate to what I have mentioned!

Member Name: 
Jenny Heafey CHRS, CCWS
Health Benefits Group - Chandler, AZ Corporate Wellness / Insurance