Reuven I. Rubinson, CPA, MBA

I have been a member of Trustegrity for over a year. I signed up at my first meeting because I saw there was a higher level of members than most networking groups I had attended and belonged to. The companies I was looking to network with were like Met Life, which was our host, and other businesses that have several employees.

Groups like BNI and Le Tip have a lot of sole proprietors and multi-level marketing businesses as their members. I act as consulting CFO, as well as prepare tax returns and provide other CPA services, so I was looking for a group that would provide me with CFO opportunities in addition to tax preparation. I am not saying anything negative about these other groups, as I have secured clients and referrals from them. I am only saying Trustegrity more met the demographic I was currently looking for.

In addition, I liked the Trustegrity format of meeting once a month, instead of weekly. Plus our Power Meetings give me the opportunity to get to know the business owners on a deeper level. I like to have a one-on-one with someone before I connect with them on LinkedIn and, definitely, before I refer them business - My reputation is on the line. These power meetings are right in line with my networking philosophy.

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Reuven I. Rubinson, CPA, MBA
Accounting. CFO For Hire