Keep the Change By Josh Norris

This blog article is called Keep the Change.  We’re going to talk about setting an advertising budget, making changes to your advertising, and having consistent presence with y

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The Hashtag Returns to LinkedIn

by Debbie Harris

The hashtag returns to LinkedIn and that’s good news! How many times have you seen a status update on LinkedIn and wanted to go back to it later?  Try finding it, right?  Now the trusty helpful hashtag will enable you to search for Status Updates and Published Posts on LinkedIn.  The one caveat is that it is only available on the App right now. On the website, you will also notice that LinkedIn has also added a “Post” under the drop arrow arrow where you search at the top.

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Your Content

By Janet Peischel

Like everything else these days, SEO has shifted. You put a lot of thought and effort into developing clever, insightful blogs, landing pages and social media posts. Here are 6 SEO Rules for 2017 to get the most out of your content investment.

1.Keywords: forget exact matches: think good intentions You no longer need an exact keyword to offer a relevant search result. Now search engines are seeing how people are interacting with your website. It’s about the post-click activity. Not only do you have to get the clicks, but you have to satisfy user intent.

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Are you referable?

By Gary C Laney

Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I referable"? If not, it's high time to consider why people would or would not refer you.

Some obvious characteristics that you need to be referable are;

1) Expertise. Education, professional certifications/designations and experience show proof of your expertise. Ask yourself how are you communicating your expertise? You can share and demonstrate expertise on business cards, brochures, on your website, via recorded videos, customer case studies, reviews and testimonials.

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Boosting Posts On Facebook Is A Great Bank For Your Buck!

By Debbie Harris

Boosting posts on Facebook is a great bang for your buck.  No kidding.  Facebook post boosting can have a dramatic impact on brand recognition, Facebook page Likes and driving people to your website and/or landing page.  I am not talking about Facebook ads that show up on the right-hand side of our page when we are on Facebook.  I am talking about Boosting Facebook posts, not running Facebook ads. We don’t usually recommend Facebook ads but often recommend Facebook post boosting.  Why?

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Direct Mail Strategy 101½: Grab Prospects’ Attention First, Then Sell ‘Em Well designed direct mail pieces have the power to even communicate with teenagers

By Pello Walker

Direct Mail isn’t that much different from a face-to-face sales pitch. For both it’s all about grabbing prospects’ attention first and only then selling them on your product or service. Without their interest piqued, it’s like talking to your teenager. In reality, Direct Mail isn’t that much different than selling your teenage son or daughter on cleaning their rooms.

First you have to dominate their visual arena. You step in front of the TV, right? For those of you who don’t have teenagers, that arouses both their visual and emotional senses. Then you must overwhelm their auditory receptors. What do you do? Make them remove their ear buds.

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Where Do the Best Referrals Come From?

by Maile Collmer

There comes a time when business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and commissioned sales people reach a point of exhaustion and exasperation with all the time they spend networking for business without getting the results they really desire.

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Are you talking to yourself on social media?

By Debbie Harris

Are you talking to yourself on social media?  Social media is more than just posting. I so often work with clients who have gotten the hang of what to post on Facebook but they are not getting engagement on their posts. The same thing happens on Twitter. Tweets are being tweeted but they are not seeing anyone Favorite or Retweet what they are tweeting. 

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Make It Your Personal Business by Pello Walker

Every year at Christmas and on my birthday I receive cards from my financial advisor, the auto dealer who sold me my current car and my insurance agent.  I see them far less than the vast majority of other merchants and salespeople I deal with (in fact, I can’t remember the last time I even talked to my insurance agent on the phone).

Yet, ask me to recommend a good financial person, car dealer or insurance agent, these people instantly come to mind.

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Responsive Websites: Designing for the Future

By Janet Peischel, Top of Mind Marketing...

Responsive web design has become a part of web conversations these days. Because people are already fairly confused about how their websites and things like optimization work, this just adds to the confusion.

Responsive design: making websites adaptable

Response design is a matter of designing websites so they will adapt to whatever environments they are being viewed on. In the old days, we fired up our desktop computers in the morning and worked from our offices. That was a lifetime ago. These days we’re working from our cars, cafes, airports and the field.

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