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Equifax Data Breach Announced....for you and your clients By Michael Neill

As many of you are aware Equifax has announced that cybercriminals have exploited a vulnerability in their website, allowing them to gain access to certain files. The information stolen includes names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses.

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Trustegrity To Launch Three New Groups!

Trustegrity, the leader in Professional Relationship Networking, continues to grow and has announced that three new groups are in the process of forming. New group launches are planned to take place in in the near future including the locations of San Ramon, California on December 6th, Mesa Arizona on December 13th and San Jose California on February 3rd. Meeting details and locations are provided below and on the Trustegrity website. All guests must register to attend.

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Knowing Which Test to Use in Drug Testing

By Gary Patrone

ARCpoint Labs of Tempe

There are a variety of tests available, and choosing the right test can make the difference between answering questions and creating more of them for your client. One client, Sara (not her real name) contacted our office and explained how she was in the middle of a divorce and planned to curtail child visitation rights to her estranged husband in an upcoming court appearance. She knows that he uses methamphetamine and does not want her 12-year-old son exposed to drugs. She wanted to know which tests would be best suited for her to have included in the court order for her ex-husband.

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Working Mommy’s Manual - by Nicole Corning

Congratulations to Nicole Corning on her Book and recent coverage on the Katie Couric Show!   The show aires on Thursday March 6th at 3pm on ABC.  The show is about bread winning mothers.  Her book is called The Working Mommy’s Manual and is about how to establish work life balance by trusting yourself and setting your own boundaries. 

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Ancestral DNA Test Can Fill In Gaps - by Gary Patrone

By  Gary Patrone

Question: I know through family discussions, that my ancestors came from Europe. With the buzz about ancestry DNA testing, I’m wondering if testing myself would tell me anything new about my heritage.

Answer: Family discussions about ancestry are comforting but essentially folklore passed down through generations. Information can be left out for sensitive reasons or simply forgotten over time. Ancestral DNA testing may hold information to help make new discoveries about your family’s past, your cultural roots, as well as confirm information in your family history.

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Only 29% percent of happy customers will refer you - Can you improve on that percentage?

It is said that only 29% of happy and satisfied customer will refer your company. We are talking about happy customers, people that like your work. So, what can you do to get above the 29% mark? 

1. Ask for referrals. Don't assume that people will refer you. Many people don't even think about referring you to their friends. Tell them that you want them to tell the world about how much they love what you do for them. Don't be shy. Ask.

2. Thank people for referring others to  you. Be grateful, and thank people and thank them often. Email a personal note, or take them to lunch, or send a gift. If you have multiple referral sources get 3-4 of them together and take them out to lunch or happy hour. Show how much you appreciate them.

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Your ideas are worthless - Your execution is Gold

"Action is the foundational key to success" Pablo Picasso  

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Trustegrity To Open Three New Groups in Your Area

CARLSBAD, CA: Trustegrity has been turning heads since creating an invitation only networking and collaborating business community. While most networking groups accept just about anyone, Trustegrity is very selective, choosing only those who are dedicated to strengthening their business through collaboration and new ideas.

After garnering success in Arizona, California, and Nevada, Trustegity recently announced they would open three new groups in multiple US states. The new groups will uphold the same rigorous selection process while members will enjoy the same benefits as those in other groups.

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Trustegrity Members are Finding Networking and Collaborating Is Easier Than Ever

CARLSBAD, CA: Running a business today isn't always as cut and dry as it once was. Decades ago, there was only one accountant in a neighborhood or one real estate company in a town. Today, there are real estate companies practically next to each other. And who doesn't know someone who is an accountant, lawyer, marketing expert, insurance or real estate broker, and the list goes on and on. With cutthroat competition in all walks of business it's crucial that you set you and your business apart from your competition.

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