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Member Testimonials

"I didn't expect an invitation to Trustegrity to be such a game-changer for my business, Aftershock Digital. In the past two years, I've had the opportunity to learn from top professionals and business owners—successful people with years of experience—who have provided pivotal advice to me in key business areas. Since joining Trustegrity at that first meeting, I have grown Aftershock Digital to four times its previous size, and that's just the beginning; we have exponential growth on the horizon, and more importantly, we are ready for it. If you are a business owner or professional looking to grow your sphere of influence with like-minded peers and mentors, Trustegrity is where you will find them."
Josh Norris
Aftershock Digital - Digital Marketing

Joining Trustegrity has been nothing short of wonderful for both the positive impact it has had on my business as well as the long term business relationships I have built. Ultimately, my mission is to help businesses succeed so that communities can prosper and Trustegrity has played a big supporting role.

Kirk Bennett
Business Advisor | Strategist | Consultant with Insperity - HR Solutions

I joined Trustegrity for the high level professionals it attracts, the valuable mastermind discussions and the ability to connect with members from other chapters.

Dana Earhart
Business Coach and Consultant

I was part of the initial organizing group for the Silicon Valley chapter. Being semi-retired, I spend much of my time helping local non-profit organizations. I have been able to access the skills of my local Trustegrity members to assist these non-profit groups.
Chet Harmer
World-Wide President, BYU Management Society

Are you of the mindset that you see value and like building deep professional relationships, then look no further.  Trustegrity is the one professional group that you are going to want to experience and be a part of.  Executives, professionals, trusted advisors, Business Owners and Key decision makers.  If these are the titles of the people that you interact with day to day then Trustegrity is the clear choice.

Pello Walker
Daily Digital Imaging, a Strategic Marketing Solutions Company

I've been involved with all of the major networking organizations. None of them compare to Trustegrity with regard to the quality of members. Every member is a proven successful professional in their field.

Mike Balistreri
Micro Target Marketing

I have been a member of Trustegrity SCO II for about a year now. I am currently the leader of the group and am really enjoying the relationships I have been able to foster over the time period in which I have been involved. I have been very fortunate to have already created a level of trust with certain members to the extent that I have received business. There are many options out there in regards to networking opportunities and I continue to be impressed with the Trustegrity model. Returning to Arizona after an 8 year hiatus left my network in less than desirable shape. I needed something to help rebuild and this organization has done that. Thanks to all that have made this possible and I look forward to connecting with more members here in Scottsdale but also in other areas regionally.
Paul Orscheln
Commercial Real Estate Advisory Group, Tenant Representation

As many of us have done, I joined Trustegrity originally to network with other professional leaders in different fields to build relationships, to offer my services to them and their clients, while having a resource to refer my clients. What I have found has been much greater and perhaps more valuable. I found that the relationships we build go well beyond a referral, they go to how we can run a better business, exchanges of experiences and ideas as well as be a better leader not only within our organization, but in the business community as a whole.

Thomas Torgerson
Property & Casualty Personal Lines

Trustegrity has been a wonderful relationship based, business building opportunity. I have been in other networking groups and what differentiates Trustegrity is the maturity and professionalism of the members. In the last two years of getting to know the other members, I now have resources and contacts for my clients when a need arises. The knowledge and collective experience of the group is unsurpassed in my experience. For the right small business owner or dedicated professional Trustegrity is a competitive advantage!
Dr. Fred Dietzen
Doctor of Chiropractic

I have been a member of multiple networking groups over the past 10 years and the caliber of members/guests in Trustegrity were hands down better than I had seen before. I didn’t know what to expect at first when I was invited by an attorney but was pleasantly surprised. Since the group that I visited didn’t have a spot for me, I waited 8 months and helped to get a new chapter up and running. I have enjoyed getting to know the members and looking to keep growing!
Joe Laux
Wealth Management