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Member Testimonials

I am a member of the Walnut Creek CA group and joined immediately after my first meeting. I also brought  two of my close friends into the group. The Trustegrity group is definitely worth the time and investment. I am a Business Performance Advisor and always looking for other B2B professionals. This is a great group for me and my company. The members are professional, engaging and fun. The format of the meetings works very well and I am never bored. I highly recommend Trustegrity to other professionals.

Alex Gilmette

When I arrived at my first meeting, I immediately felt the professional vibe that I’m always looking for, and rarely find in other groups. Each and every person was dressed up, wearing a suite, or at least a tie. That was the first indication that Trustegrity is built of serious people who RESPECT themselves, and their peers. I respect others… I want to be respected. Seems like I’ve found what I was looking for in a networking group… Trustegrity is my new home!

Beits Livneh
I.T services for SMB, with a focus on the LEGAL, FINANCIAL and DENTAL industries

"The Trustegrity format is a refreshing alternative to upper end sophisticated networking.   Instead of the non-stop referral race, members have a chance to listen to creative and proven solutions to complex and advanced business topics pre-selected by the group chairperson.  Every meeting I’ve attended, I’ve walked away with a different perspective on a particular topic.  Very thought provoking."

Thomas Beyer
Beyer Management Consulting, Inc.

I have been a member of Trustegrity for over a year. I signed up at my first meeting because I saw there was a higher level of members than most networking groups I had attended and belonged to. The companies I was looking to network with were like Met Life, which was our host, and other businesses that have several employees.

Groups like BNI and Le Tip have a lot of sole proprietors and multi-level marketing businesses as their members. I act as consulting CFO, as well as prepare tax returns and provide other CPA services, so I was looking for a group that would provide me with CFO opportunities in addition to tax preparation. I am not saying anything negative about these other groups, as I have secured clients and referrals from them. I am only saying Trustegrity more met the demographic I was currently looking for.

In addition, I liked the Trustegrity format of meeting once a month, instead of weekly. Plus our Power Meetings give me the opportunity to get to know the business owners on a deeper level. I like to have a one-on-one with someone before I connect with them on LinkedIn and, definitely, before I refer them business - My reputation is on the line. These power meetings are right in line with my networking philosophy.

Reuven I. Rubinson, CPA, MBA
Accounting. CFO For Hire

Knowing the benefits and value of networking, I was drawn to attending my first meeting of Trustegrity by the title of the group and it’s mission. Unlike other professional organizations that I belong to, Trustegrity provided the opportunity to network with individuals from a variety of professional disciplines and background. I was impressed with the efficiency of the meeting agenda and the opportunity to set up power meetings with 2-3 other members in between the monthly meeting. This value resulted in my renewing membership for a second year.

Susan Curtin, CEO Insights 4 Results
Developing Leadership Talent and Succession

“Trustegrity is an impressive group of professionals and business owners, in a friendly atmosphere, with opportunities for exchanging ideas, networking and socializing.”

Richard Galin Attorney
Business Law Attorney – Kolesar & Leatham, Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been a "net-worker" for the past 10 years, and have been in a variety of groups, clubs, associations, Chambers etc.  Although I enjoy all my networking groups I do feel there is a difference in the Trustegrity group.

To name a few: first, it allows me to network in an environment that is more suited towards the growth of my business.  Many times we find ourselves in groups that can connect people yes, but never a consistent flow of contacts that are more aligned with your particular business. Trustegrity does this for my Corporate Wellness business! It also allows me to reciprocate the connections because of our commonalities!

 Second, the time, quality not quantity! Being a business owner, comes with all the responsibilities, of profits/ losses/ accounts/ payroll and employment/ marketing and the list goes on, however networking and building relationships often take a long time.  I have found that I spend more quality time with people in this group twice a month than I would If I saw them 4-6 times a month.  We meet twice a month, once as a group then the next as a very small group, we spend about a total of 4 hours each month, maybe a bit more but we do it in a much more time efficient manner for our businesses, that being said we all understand the importance and the substance that is discussed and what that all means when we sit down with each other.  We get the very most of our time and the quality of networking is much higher than others that I have experienced in the past. Frequency in meeting doesn't always mean quality time Is being invested.  I would recommend that everyone try out groups to see what is a fit for them, and I would recommend this group to anyone who can relate to what I have mentioned!

Jenny Heafey CHRS, CCWS
Health Benefits Group - Chandler, AZ Corporate Wellness / Insurance

I have enjoyed meeting other professionals who are at the top of their professions.  The meetings are an opportunity not only to share what each professional does but also an opportunity to share ideas and useful topics.  Recent discussions have included how to attract clients, how to keep clients and how to address challenges that each of us faces in our professions.  The people who attend the meetings are generous with their suggestions. and I have garnered a great deal of useful information that I plan to use in my own business.  I have also enjoyed the one on one power meetings with the professionals involved in the group.  Through those meetings I have met some extraordinary individuals. 

Anita Webster
Webster & Associates, Family Law

"I had been a 2 year member of a widely-focused national networking group that saw its members come and go at a rapid pace.  The experience wasn’t entirely negative.  However, I felt the need to be part of a more professionally focused, truly collaborative, higher net-worth clientele platform that would better fit my business activities.  Further, I also didn’t aspire to be bogged down with weekly meetings, numerous mandatory activities and I wished to pay a reasonable membership fee commensurate with the market.  Maybe most importantly, I needed to feel that I and everyone else in the group would be a viable resource for each other’s businesses.    

I found everything I was looking for at Trustegrity.  In fact, I loved the platform so much that I became the group chair for my chapter."

Paul Andrews
CRESA - PHOENIX SVP - Corporate/Tenant Representation Services

As a business coach, I work with clients to identify the specific results
they want.  From there we focus on how to achieve those results.
I take my own advice.  Three ongoing results I look for are: To meet other
successful business people, find sources of new clients, and connect
with people who are the best in their field and can help my clients and friends.
Joining Trustegrity has given me the opportunity to get all three of these
in one place.

Philip Cohen
Partner at SPARCK International