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Member Testimonials

I been a part of other networking groups, but this was the first time it
felt different. It was the caliber of conversations between members, the
openness of business topics to be discussed and the professionals
represented in the room made this a pretty easy decision to join.  The key
aspect is you have to be invited by a member who already knows, likes and
trusts you as a business professional. This is a very exclusive group of
individuals and I am already seeing quality introductions from the members.

Eugene Maresh
Say it with Style - Targeted Promotional Solutions

Trustegrity has allowed me to deepen relationships with past acquaintances
and develop new contacts across a broad range of professional disciplines.
The monthly meetings offer a great introductory platform and provide for
some unique and interesting roundtable discussions.  The more intimate Power
Meetings allow for a greater understanding of members' specific products or
services; and that goes a long way in raising the comfort level for
providing referrals.
The relationships that I've been able to develop through Trustegrity's
various meeting platforms has enabled me to expand my centers of influence
at much greater pace and on a higher level than I've experienced with other
so-called "networking" groups.

Donald R. Parker
Gryphon Valuation Consultants, Inc.

I think our group of individuals are very professional  and passionate about their work. I  was skeptical  at first but the individuals in the group makes the difference. I have received one very good referral that turned into a closed $500,000 SBA 7a real estate loan and a $25,000 SBA express line of credit.

Roger E. Unger
Wells Fargo SBA Lending

I enjoy the format of the Trustegrity meetings, specifically the roundtable discussion and setting up a subsequent meeting with multiple members.  Doing so allows me to get to know more members on a deeper level more quickly that I would if it involved one-on-one meetings.

Gina Bongiovi
Bongiovi Law Firm

I have enjoyed coming to the Trustegrity meetings and like the structure and the no-pressure approach to referrals. There are a lot of good people in the group and I have been able to meet with a couple in one on one meetings and a few others during the power meetings. It has been easy to refer some of the members out and it has been good to establish new connections. Power meetings are great for interacting with 2 or 3 members and increasing the understanding of what they do. The once a month, early morning structure works for me.

Deepak Shroff
Integra IT Solutions, LLC

My experience with Trustegrity has been very good.  I have met some great
people and have gotten to know many of them much better thru the Power
Meetings.  I am hopeful that these relationships that I am building will
turn into long-lasting ones.  I have received a few leads and have given a
few as well.  I am optimistic that my participation in Trustegrity will pay
off in many ways. 

Colin McTernan, Owner
Premier Office Systems, Inc.

“I find the Trustegrity meetings to be excellent source for professional interaction and new business contacts. The meetings provide a great opportunity to expand my professional network and business relationships”.

“I have been able to develop new clients as well as business prospects from the relationships I have built through Trustegrity. My new client said he appreciated getting to know about my practice while developing a personal relationship in a non-sales and trusted environment”.

John P Tokar, Financial Advisor
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

"The Trustegrity format fosters a friendly, informative environment that gives members confidence to refer others in the group. Breaking off into smaller Power Meetings then kick starts the process of relationship building, making connections even stronger. A Trustegrity connection led to a mutually beneficially relationship between us and another agency, and, ultimately was a spark that led to a new client.

Jonathan Forstot

"The Power meetings are one of the most effective ways to gain a deeper understanding of the networking capacity among the participants that I have seen in any networking events I have attended. The Trustegrity activities gives you access to decision-makers who can use your products/services directly or know others at equivalent functional levels within their own network."

Gary Patrone
ARCpoint Labs

"My past experience with Networking Groups has not given me high expectations.... however with Trustegrity and its High caliber members I have met so far since it's inception....give me both great referral resources and a chance to meet likeminded professionals I would have never had the opportunity  to!"

Marvin Cantor
Alpine Insurance