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Member Testimonials

"I joined Trustegrity about 6 months ago.  I really enjoy the meeting format with a new topic shared by the group each month.  This allows an opportunity to get to know each other on multiple levels.  The business power meetings are also a great idea.  I would recommend this group to anyone growing a small to medium business."

Cathy Jones, CPA, CCIM
Sun Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

"I have been a member of many referral/networking organizations; have been involved with their leadership teams; and always enjoy connecting people and helping others.  I could see immediately that not only were the people at Trustegrity of a high caliber but that the agenda of the meetings would allow us to get to know each other in a business and personal way.  The discussions are wonderful and the time left at the end for setting up our one to ones motivates us to actually set those up.  I am proud to be a member and to continue to refer appropriate people to Trustegrity."

Debbie Harris
Performance Intermedia, LLC

"My impression of this newly formed networking group is that we have tremendous potential to create a cohesive, productive, and a high energy atmosphere to generate business activity among our group members. The caliber of professionalism level in this group was precisely why I decided to "pull the trigger" and invest in the long term success of this venture.

The main reason I see value in this networking group is that you can get business access to people that utilize and heavily rely on IT infrastructure and computers on a daily basis that my company may get the opportunity to provide IT support services to them and obviously generate revenue to allow our business operations to proliferate and grow! What more can I say than that!!"

Michael Long, General Manager
TeamLogic IT - professional, reliable, flexible

Trustegrity provides me the conduit to an elite group of advisors and business owners. The collaboration with these advisors provide not only a pool of great referrals but also seasoned individuals to bounce business strategies off of. Unlike other networking groups, the format of this group promotes connecting, both as a group and one on one. These connections result in relationships, which then result in deeper collaboration and referrals. I am glad I joined Trustegrity.

Staci Scharadin, CFP® Professional
Diamond Wealth Management